“I will miss Angelina’s sweet smile, positive enthusiasm and energy. I will hold on to all our great memories . . . “

Expressions of Memories for Angelina

“. . . thank you for bringing Angelina into the world, it is a far better place for it . . . her impact has obviously been magnificent. . . . I have never seen such an outpouring of love for anyone before. I wound up sitting in the choir loft as there was no room anywhere else in the entire church and I swear, from up there, I could FEEL Angelina’s presence over the entire assembly, and she was smiling as only she could, obviously delighted in the effect she has had over so many people. . . . I even snapped a picture with my phone, half expecting to see some sort of heavenly image showing the intangible feelings I had.” (The photo showed a mist over the entire inner church) “. . . created and nurtured a very special Angel and you must have known it from the moment you chose her name. . . . you brought upon this Earth an Angel of immeasurable proportions and shared her with all of us for twenty seven years.”

Angelina Marie Ciucci“Angelina was one of those who gave so much love . . . and yet asked for none in return. It was reassuring to see that many others felt the same way about her. It was an honor to know and love her. It was an honor to be part of her life. It was an honor to be part of memorializing her. It will be an honor that, as she did so often, will leave an everlasting ‘mark’ on our lives.”

“She left quite an impression on me when she spoke at Don’s retirement party. That night I thought she stole the show and thought to myself, ‘what a lovely young gal.’ When she arrived . . . she immediately lit up the room as always. At first I sized up her demeanor as perhaps naïve because nobody’s temperament could be that bright and sunny all the time. She came to Station – at a time when I was personally becoming a bit jaded and cynical with politics and personalities. Sometimes I would be all wrapped up in the issue of the day and Angelina would enter the room with her smile and say, “What’s up.” Her presence and infectious smile was a mood changer. One time I told her she needed to leave the room because I wasn’t done being ‘pissed off’ yet. We laughed, and my issue dissipated in her presence. She was the biggest breath of fresh air to enter the building in a long, long time. I grew to respect the quality of her work . . . she kept impeccable notes outlining conversations and issues regarding weed abatement or inspection requirements . . . she found the personal interactions easy which is more important. Fire code upgrades to a building are usually very expensive. Business owners don’t like fire inspectors for that reason. I know Angelina used the secret weapon of her smile backed up with enough firmness to get things done. I always received glowing feedback about her from businesses when on my own inspections. . . . she helped me keep things in perspective. Her weapon was the smile and laughter but behind it was an impeccable character. Sometimes I think she was looking out for us rather the other way around.”

“. . . The gift she gave with the card was a ceramic cherub angel standing on a cloud, holding a string of stars between her hands. I’ve had that angel sitting in my office since the day I got it, looking at it every day and remembering the Angel who gave it to me. Now that gift has a much deeper meaning to me . . . now when I look at it, I feel as if it is Angelina who is looking back at me through those cherub angel eyes, hearing her laughter and sweet voice in my head.”

“Angelina was an Angel who had her Wings long before she went to Heaven . . . Our love for you is not over and your Life is not gone, now and forever, your Spirit lives on.”

“I typically don’t like authority figures, but you were different. I, in the short time I knew you, was knocked off my feet. You truly are a little angel.”

“We were privileged to be a part of Angelina’s life and to know her was to love her. Her smile, her laugh and welcoming arms to give a hug will be sadly missed and never forgotten. Rest in Peace Angel.”

“Angie was truly a beautiful, selfless woman. I didn’t know her well, but she always had a smile and kind word when I saw her.”

“My heart aches for each of you and anyone who was fortunate enough to know Angelina. She was an amazing spirit who was truly beautiful inside and out. I cherished our friendship and remember sharing her experiences as if they were my own. Without Angelina, the world has also suffered a great loss.”

“ . . . I just want to let you know how much Angie meant to me. She was dedicated coach at Mercy High School who taught me everything I needed to know about teamwork and commitment. As a beginner discus and shot-put thrower, Angie taught me techniques in order to improve each practice/meet. Within two years, I greatly improved and doubled by distance thanks to her!!! I am fortunate enough to have seen her briefly walking through the mall where we were able to update each other. Even with her illness, she still had that warm smile that I will never forget. Your daughter is an inspiration and with all her success and later fight for cancer, she truly taught me what it is to be a woman.”

“I am truly sorry for your loss. I knew Angie for several years. She was an aid to our Girl Scout Troup for many years, and I grew very fond of her. I will never forget her contagious smile and extreme intelligence.”

“I will miss Angelina’s sweet smile, positive enthusiasm and energy. I will hold on to all our great memories . . . “

“Every time we saw Angelina, she would have a smile that was contagious and would light up a room – not to mention the best ‘hugger’ there was! She will be missed by all.”

“Angelina was a special lady.”

“I will always remember the smile of that beautiful little girl that grew up to be such a wonderful woman. The world is a better place for Angelina having been in it.”

“Angelina was such a lovely young woman, as beautiful inside as she was outside. Every time I had a conversation with her, I was impressed with her positive nature, her compassion, and the warmth of her heart. She will be greatly missed by many . . . remember to always celebrate her beauty and her life.”

“ . . . your kindness and acceptance of all People good or bad was to be admired."

-Friends and Family Remembrances

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