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“I will miss Angelina’s sweet smile, positive enthusiasm and energy. I will hold on to all our great memories . . . “

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Welcome to the Angelina Marie Ciucci Memorial Website

This website is dedicated to the memory of a unique individual, a young woman who managed to accomplish more in her brief 27 years on this Earth than most of us can even imagine. She changed the lives of everyone she came in contact with, because she was blessed with a heart that was bigger than any challenges the world could throw at her. Her smile was contagious, and her spirit was indomitable. One of her admirers put it this way:

“Angelina was one of those who gave so much love . . . and yet asked for none in return. It was reassuring to see that many others felt the same way about her. It was an honor to know and love her. It was an honor to be part of her life. It was an honor to be part of memorializing her. It will be an honor that, as she did so often, will leave an everlasting ‘mark’ on our lives.”

Another friend said, “Angelina was such a lovely young woman, as beautiful inside as she was outside. Every time I had a conversation with her, I was impressed with her positive nature, her compassion, and the warmth of her heart. She will be greatly missed by many . . . remember to always celebrate her beauty and her life.”

Angelina's life was cut drastically short by a disease that, tragically, still has no cure. Melanoma is a horrible, wasting illness that has no heart, no soul, and no regard for its victims - even victims like Angelina who always put the needs and struggles of others before her own, and lit up the world around her with hope and optimism. Angelina never gave up fighting this thing, right up to the end. She always believed melanoma could be licked, and you know what? She was right. We need to take a page from Angelina and not let anything get in our way. We who are left behind owe it to Angelina and her fellow fighters in this war to keep going until we win it.

This site is a memorial to a very special young woman who lost her fight, but it's also a celebration of her life and strength, and her struggle to rid this world of melanoma. What better way to celebrate Angelina than to fund melanoma research?

Thank you for all of you who will be joining us on September 26th, 2016, for a day of golf, good food and a celebration of the life of a courageous woman.

--the Angelina Ciucci Memorial Team

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